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Add a new comment or reply to an existing comment. Use an @mention in the comment. The option appears to assign the comment as a task to the person mentioned. Select the Assign to checkbox. Post the comment or reply. The person the task is assigned to will receive an email notifying them that they've been assigned a task.

6) Use a microphone. Make sure you use some sort of microphone to minimize the impact of distracting ambient noise. The expression "the silence is deafening" is real -- especially when it comes to video production. You don't need a fancy microphone and boom setup like in the movies, although those would be a great investment to make if you plan.


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* Organize videos by athlete or team. Sort by private or shared videos, add titles and tags to easily locate and search through your videos. * Videos are automatically synced across all of your devices. Storage space on-device is smartly managed. * 1:1 and group chat helps you exchange videos, training information and coordinate logistics.

By default, the shortcut won't show the camera preview and takes the image using the back camera. However, you can go to the Shortcuts app > My Shortcuts and tap the three dots icon in the upper right of the Say Cheese shortcut tile to edit it.. Related: 13 ways to quickly run a shortcut on iPhone, iPad, and Mac 3. Use Voice Control.


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